Balboa is a swing dance from southern California. It's an elegant, graceful dance characterized by intricate footwork, close embrace, and spins on spins. It can be danced to all tempos, but it is well known as a reliable go-to for faster tunes. It's also great for dancing in small spaces, perfect for our New Orleans venues. 

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Balboa 1

Balboa 1 covers basic rhythms, the lead and follow of close embrace, and several of the most classic figures including: up hold and down hold basics, crab walks, ad libs, out and ins, and lollies. Take your time with Balboa, it can sometimes feel like a tough nut to crack. The work you put in to Balboa will definitely make you a better overall swing dancer. It is 100% worth the energy. Come to at least two months’ worth of classes at this level before thinking of moving on to the next level. Ask your instructor before moving on to Balboa 2.

Balboa 1 is offered every Monday from 7:30 - 8:30 PM at the Rhythmic Arts Center. 



Balboa 2

Balboa 2 is a balboa swing heavy class, working on classic figures like come arounds, toss outs, swivels, and basic turns. A Balboa 2 student should be working on their social dancing, and linking together all of their balboa knowledge. Ask your instructor if this is the right class for you!

Balboa 2 is offered every Tuesday from 7:30 - 8:30 PM at the Rhythmic Arts Center. 

PREREQUISITE: Swing Basics, Balboa 1.

How Do I Change to the Next Level?

Look first to our recommendations in the level descriptions. Next, talk to your instructor. Ask for their recommendation for when to change levels. They will have important insight and can give you an informed, outside perspective. Often we don't know what we don't know. Instructors can help! Once you get the OK, it's as simple as signing up. Don't expect this to be formulaic. Every individual works at a different pace. 

If you're interested and excited to get to that new level, here are some options that can help you get there.


Drop in classes

Take class. There isn't really a substitute for putting in the time and attention to gaining this new skill. Repeat classes, there is always something to learn.


Private Lessons

Time one-on-one with your instructor can make a huge difference. Use private lesson time to get feedback tailored to specifically to you, to synthesize information you've learned in group class, to ask any questions about class or social dancing, and talk about your goals and how to reach them.


Purchase a membership

With an unlimited monthly membership, you may take as many classes as you'd like. Additionally, you'll get a credit for one weekend workshop or one 30 minute private lesson check in with your instructor, and access to the weekly dance, St. Claude Social.



Don't see the level you want? Let us know! We need to know there's an interested group before we can run a new class, and we want to hear from you! Email

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