2016, The Beautiful

Most of the time we swing dance because it's fun, it's exciting, and it's something to do on a Friday night. We're not performing for anyone, or giving a master class in aesthetics or choreography. We're simply doing our thing, making friends and very literally taking names. I think that experience is often very beautiful, even if accidentally. Sometimes though, beauty is more purposefully rendered, or bubbles up to the forefront of a dance and punches you sweetly in the face, refusing to let you think of anything else. "It's just SO BEAUTIFUL!"*, says me, wide-eyed and nearly in tears, watching dance videos at home in my pajamas with a tortilla chip suspended in the air halfway between the bowl and my face. I digress. There are a million and a half reasons to swing dance, and creating something beautiful is just one among them. This week I'd like to highlight a few of what I consider the most beautiful swing dance moments of 2016. 

Video Roundup!

Make a snack and take 20 minutes to let this playlist run over you like a cool mountain stream. I'm serious. Remember as you watch that these people are extremely good at this and there is no earthly reason to compare yourself to them. Think of them the way you might think about a great chef. You watch them on TV or experience their food IRL (see how hip and young I am), and go, "WHOA." or "I didn't know lentils could do that!", but then you still wake up the next morning and cook your eggs. Your amateur eggs. Maybe you're inspired to BAM a little extra spice into the pan or put your egg into a hole cut in a piece of toast, like an absolute wizard, but that's it. End of story. You don't stop because you're mad you're not the best. No crying because you don't have 20 years of Lindy Hop behind you already or have yet to receive the call that your dance has brought a kitten back to life. Ok? Ok.


This list is subjective, and short. It's just a glimpse. If you want to get in further, I encourage you to check out Jerry Almonte's playlist of 2016 dance videos. I also encourage you to disagree with me. Get into those comments with some videos links of your own. Get in there also and spill which of these was your favorite. Tell me why!

*What I actually say is "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?"