New Orleans Music for Swing Dance Practice

To those of you who have been hiding behind the classic "what music should I practice to?" excuse, step into the sun my friends. Today is your day. These songs are arranged roughly slowest to fastest and are by contemporary New Orleans artists. If you're new to dancing, use this Spotify playlist as a resource to begin practicing at home. Use it also as a jumping off point not just for bettering your dance steps, but for acquainting yourself with some of the music and musicians we dance to here in New Orleans.

While Spotify can be a helpful tool, it makes a poor master. We're lucky in this town to have access to these wonderful, hard-working artists who benefit from our patronage. Here are some next steps for finding and enjoying this music and more:

WWOZ's Livewire

Not always exhaustive, but a great place to start, WWOZ's Livewire lists live shows every night in New Orleans. The Guardians of the Groove come through for us on the reg. Make sure to download the iphone app, if that's your thing. Also, the livewire is recited on the radio at 90.7FM at the top of every odd hour. 
Get out there! Literally into the streets to listen and dance to this amazing music. Tip the bands (duh) and buy their cds.

Louisiana Music Factory

At the foot of Frenchmen St., 421 to be exact, sits one hell of a music shop. This is your one stop shop for music you need to dance to and think to and cavort to and swill beverages to. Find all the songs on this playlist and a veritable jillion more. 

Crescent City Swing

We have a growing collection of local music for sale in our studio on St. Claude Ave. As they say, come for a dance class, leave with a cd or two... thereby supporting local dancers and musicians in one fell swoop. That's a saying, right? I'm pretty sure. 

This is just the tip of the New Orleans dance music iceberg. Stay tuned for more playlists, and get listening!