Balboa Takeover

Come with us for walk through Balboa fields forever. We're starting a whole new branch of classes this fall and we want to make sure you have some idea what's you're getting into. So put your feet up, grab some popcorn, and get comfy with a whole new style of swing.

What Even Is It?

Balboa is a swing dance! It originated in southern California, as opposed to Lindy Hop which is from New York, so when you dance it you can feel the ocean breeze on your face. That's the main difference. Just kidding.
You'll find a lot of similar rhythms in Balboa to Charleston and Lindy Hop, and you can easily transfer knowledge from one dance to another. There are a few main differences though, most notably the connection. Balboa is danced much closer to a partner, often chest to chest. 

It's also known for its fast footwork. These weight changes, like in other swing dances, are led and followed, even though sometimes it looks like a magic trick. (Sometimes it is actually magic)

Why Should I Do It?

The small space requirement and relative ease of dancing to faster music makes it an ideal addition to the New Orleanian swing dancer's arsenal. You can mix it in with all of your other dances, plus - it's beautiful. This next video, an example of Balboa in New Orleans, was shot at French Quarter Fest 2009 and features Balboa mixed in which a bunch of other swing dances. Can you can identify all of the different swing dances in the clip?

We'll discuss the answer in Balboa class, Mondays at 7:30 in the fall. See what I did there?