The studio will be open to students with active memberships every Monday - Thursday from 6:00 - 6:30 PM before our group classes begin. Come in before your class or when you're on your way to Frenchmen Street in order to practice your steps, work with friends, or ask that question that's been nagging at you. 

 Dance Practice Open Practice Times

What are the Benefits of Office Hours?

Practice, practice practice! Swing dancing can be a complicated dance to learn. Sometimes even overwhelming! How can any one person do all that at the same time?! With practice. Put in some extra repetitions before your class and after a few weeks you will notice a difference. 


free practice sessions

Come in on your own or with a friend (or find a friend there) and go through the footwork and patterns you learned in class. We'll have music playing and will help you out if you get lost.


Instructors available

We will always have an instructor on hand to answer questions and give you tips. Feel free to ask away, that's why we're here. That said, the instructors will stop short of teaching new material. This is practice time, not class time.


30-minute check in with unlimited membership

If you'd like more feedback or time with our instructors, consider a private lesson. They are the most direct path to improvement. We offer 30 minute and hour long private lessons. You will get a 30 minute private lesson credit with our unlimited monthly membership.