In order for everyone to have a safe, comfortable, and fun time, Crescent City Swing supports the etiquette values below. For more detail please refer to our complete Safe Spaces Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about our etiquette or safe spaces policy, please feel free to reach us at

Dance is for Everybody

We all come from different experiences, beliefs and values. We welcome participants of any race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, religion, and age. Hateful or hurtful language or behavior will not be tolerated in class or events. Crescent City Swing also encourages students to learn whichever dance role they are comfortable with or interested in.

Appreciate One Another

It's everyone's responsibility to make a comfortable environment. If someone explains that you are making them uncomfortable, respect their wishes and adjust your behavior accordingly. If you are bothered by the conduct of another student or event participant, please contact Crescent City Swing staff so that appropriate action can be taken to make the space more comfortable for everyone. 

Use Your Words

When asking for a dance or to partner during class, it's important to express your intention to dance with words. Wordless hand gestures are discouraged and physical contact before receiving an affirmative answer is to be avoided. Remember to say please and thank you, before and after the dance!

It's Okay to Say "No"

There are many reasons that a fellow student or dancer may say no to a dance. You have the freedom to say no at any point, and there is no need to explain the reason for your decision. When you receive a "no", respect their decision without pressing the issue or asking further.

Respect the Learning Process

Respect for the learning process is an important value of our learning environment. During classes and social dances, unprompted feedback and criticism is not welcome and teaching should be left to our professional staff. Statements of judgement about dance skill and learning ability are also not welcome in our learning environment. If you see or experience something unsafe in someone’s dancing, please notify our staff. However, if you see something you enjoy in someone's dancing, let them know about it!

Safety First 

Whether in class or on the social dance floor, you and your partner are responsible for your own physical safety and that of those around you. Refrain from aerials, aggressive dips, and other potentially unsafe moves. Respect your personal space and the space of others around you while dancing. Accidents happen on the dance floor - quickly apologize to your partner and to anyone you may have bumped and continue.