What is Swing?

Swing is a broad term, a genre term, that takes in a fair amount of 20th Century American music and dance. We often use it as a shorthand to mean any social dance done to swing music, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and other styles from this period of time. Some people specialize in a specific swing dance, although it is also common to mix them. 

How Do I Get Started?

New 6 week progressive series are being offered at the Rhythmic Arts Center! Beginning on April 10, join us to begin learning to swing dance, or working on getting up to the next level if you already know a few things. Find more information at noladancing.com.

Do I Need a Partner?

Not even at all! We will rotate partners during our class, so that you'll have the chance to practice with everyone. The majority of students come in on their own. 

But I Have Two Left Feet...

That's normal. Work at it and keep an open mind. We'll take care of you.

Where Do I Park?

There is free street parking in the front and on the side streets of the block. Also, the streetcar on St. Claude stops three blocks away now!

What Level Am I In?

If you're new, start in Swing Basics. If you've been taking classes and dancing, contact an instructor to get an idea of where you belong. to check in about levels before you sign up. If you end up in the wrong class, by some chance, your instructor will check in at the end of class and make sure you're placed in the correct one next time.

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. As for shoes, something close-toed and without a lot of tread on the bottom (Keds as opposed to running shoes or sneakers) is a good start. For more info, read our blog post What Shoes Should I Wear Swing Dancing?

Do I Lead or Follow?

You can do either! We recommend eventually going through Swing Basics as both a lead and a follow, but for now it's just a matter of choosing a role.

Is It Okay to Miss a Week?

It's okay! Lives are complicated and we know that sometimes you have to miss. Jump in again next week.  All that said, it's easier to integrate the things you learn when you practice them regularly. If you have to miss class, take a few minutes to practice something you've learned at home, or join us at Office Hours starting at 6:00 PM Tuesday through Thursday to get some practice in!

Where Should I Go Out Dancing?

We are lucky here in New Orleans to have so many great opportunities for dancing. We've put together a list on our Resources page.

Do I Need Experience to Go Social Dancing?

Nope! All are welcome out dancing. Come out, enjoy the music, meet some new people, and take a twirl around the dance floor. Experience might help with your confidence, but it isn't a magic ticket.

Are Workshops Different from Weekly Classes?

Workshops are given at a specific date and time, whereas weekly classes are ongoing. Our workshops are often on special topics that aren't covered in our weekly classes, feature guest instructors, or are for a specific event or purpose. 

I left a sock/sweater/my heart at the studio. Where did they go?

We do our best to keep lost items so they can find their way back to their owners. However, after 30 days we'll donate any abandoned items so someone else can get some use out of them. We're not responsible for lost or stolen items, so please care for your things while in the studio.

Can I Rent the Studio?

You absolutely can. Check noladancing.com for more information or email noladancing@gmail.com.