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Lindy Hop

When you picture swing dancing, it's probably Lindy Hop you're picturing. This is a joyful and energetic, not to mention iconic American partnered dance.


A precursor to Lindy Hop, the Charleston was a dance craze that has persisted as a beautiful partnered and solo dance. Particularly suited to New Orleans jazz.

Solo Jazz

A rich collection of 20th century American jazz movement. This vocabulary draws heavily from tap and other dances. 


A dance originating in Southern California, often danced close to a partner. Great for fast music and fancy footwork.

Private Lessons

A great way to get personalized feedback and to have a class tailored directly to your individual needs. We offer 30 minute and 60 minute private lessons with our instructors.


We host a team of talented and dedicated dancers who work hard and work together to better themselves and to bring swing dancing to the wider New Orleans community.

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