Our Story

Swing Dance About Us

Crescent City Swing is born of equal parts pizza, donuts, and love of community. We love social dance, jazz music, and listing things in threes. 

There's something special about dancing, and not just that, but dancing with a partner, and not just that, but the ability to dance with any partner, that can change your life. That sounds like hyperbole, but it is sincere. Social dance is about finding common ground with another person and using it to make something awesome together. It's about other things too, like personal expression, release, joy, escape, heartbreak, love, and the never-ending hilarity that is the human condition, but that comes with time. It starts with connection.

On par with our love for social dancing is our love for the glorious and strange city of New Orleans. The musical and cultural tradition here is fascinating, layered, and perhaps most importantly - alive. We seek to share our love of this city and this dance with everyone who comes in our door.

Join us in supporting our loving, inclusive, hilariously fun New Orleans swing dance community.