Crescent City Swing is happy to unleash our Swing Dance Performance Team! Find the Jazz Squares performing around the city (and elsewhere).

What is The Team?

The Crescent City Swing performance team program is dedicated to three goals:

  • Individual Development
  • Teamwork
  • Community Service

Our team trains together to learn classic choreography and original choreography to New Orleans music. The team is geared towards experienced dancers who are highly self-motivated and interested in performance.

Dance Performance Flashmob Choreography


The Crescent City Swing team performs classic and original choreography for our dance and wider communities in New Orleans.

Flash mob choregraphy

Community work

A key aspect of this team's work is community engagement through entertainment and education. 

How Do I Join?

Look through the requirements and consider whether or not this commitment is for you. Then, send us a message at and tell her that you're interested in the team. She'll set up a meeting time with you when you can go through the requirements and dance together. This will result in either a 'Yes, join the team' or a 'Here are the things I'd like you to focus on before the next season.' Seasons start in January and September.



Demonstrate mastery of Swing Basics, Lindy Hop 1, and Charleston 1

Comfortable breaking pattern

Knows the Shim Sham Routine

Team Player

Comfortable receiving feedback

Supportive of teammates


Willingness to work hard.


Two hour rehearsal/week for the duration of the season

Willingness to perform

$60/month fee

Sign our expectations document

Membership Fees

For the duration of a season (January-May, September-December), members contribute $60/month in dues. Crescent City Swing matches that investment dollar for dollar in order to provide all of the programing we think this team deserves while keeping the cost accessible to members.

Upcoming Performances

Rehearsals are ongoing. Check our calendar for upcoming performances!