Teachers and Staff

Check out our talented and dedicated staff of dance nerds and community lovers.

Dance Instructor Follow Follower

Kerry Genese


Kerry has been teaching Lindy Hop and other swing dances for eight years. She is continually delighted by the language of social dance and will talk to you for literal hours about it. She loves cereal and 30min animated comedies. You can find her performing around town with the NOLA Jitterbugs and The Chorus Girl Project. She is your curriculum maker and lead instructor. Email her for private lessons and for anything else.

Studio Space Rental Manager

Matt Pangrazio


Matt is an accomplished martial artist turned swing dancer and community organizer. He loves bread baking and yes, he still plays Pokemon. He is your fearless leader, social director, and go-to bro. Follow along with his postings about where to go and what to do on the Swing Dancers of NOLA facebook group. Email him your thoughts, questions, desires, or inquires regarding space rental.

Follow Follower 

Erin Barnard


Erin is a once ballet dancer turned Lindy Hopper, zealous community organizer, and smiler. Her efforts can be felt through her work with the St. Claude Social and her warm and inviting presence across town. She enjoys a good pizza, a good brew, and the Great American Step Up franchise (the first two, at least). In her early in the day life she is a photography and media arts teacher in New Orleans schools. She is your go-to gal on where to go and when. She strings this place together. Get in touch!

Lead Leader Instructor Dance Teacher

Coyle Parker


Coyle is a visual artist and dancer. He's been dancing and teaching Lindy Hop since way back in the day in the Pacific Northwest. His clarity of movement and thoughtful, fun teaching style make him an indispensable member of our team. He loves black t-shirts, puppies, and surprising you with his bizarrely accurate imitations. He is your expert on all things leading and all things cool. Contact Coyle to book a private lesson.

Photo by Bobby Bonsey

Photo by Bobby Bonsey

Sarah st ores


Sarah hails from the great Florida panhandle and is one of those people we love to hate for finding swing dancing at a young age. She's been in the game since middle school. Trailblazer? Nerd? Potato, Pot-AH-to. She's elegant and natural in her movement and teaches with humor and compassion. She likes kittens, space pants, and tiny instruments. Ask her about being Crescent City Swing's Big Cheese. Ask her about Jazz Antlers. Come up with your own q's. Welcome Sarah!

Photo by Bill Sasser

Photo by Bill Sasser

Ian michael monroe


Ian is a writer, dancer, university student, and purveyor of pastries. He's everyone's favorite addition to the swing dance community, but shhh, don't tell him we said so. He likes fast songs, giggling, and talking to strangers. He's our best and brightest blog contributor, our Deputy Executive Writer. Check his series, A Fresh Perspective, on our blog page and keep a look out for monthly updates. When not at work, you'll find him at the Spotted Cat. Pretty sure he lives there.