Dance Class Offerings

The staff of Crescent City Swing is now happy to be a part of the Dance Quarter family! You can expect the same familiar faces offering some terrific classes beginning in April. 

Swing Basics

Start here if you're even a little bit curious about what we do and who we are. No experience necessary. These are your first steps. Yes, pun intended.

Lindy Hop

When you picture swing dancing, it's probably Lindy Hop you're thinking of. This is a joyful and energetic, not to mention iconic, American partnered dance.


A precursor to Lindy Hop, the Charleston was a dance craze that has persisted as a beautiful partnered and solo dance. Particularly suited to New Orleans jazz.

Solo Jazz

A rich collection of 20th century American jazz movement. This vocabulary draws heavily from tap and other dances. 

And Much More!

The Rhythmic Arts Center has many more things to offer, including personalized group classes, private lessons, and office hours!

Recent Thoughts on Dancing


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